Restaurant Week

Support Huntington Police Officers and Fire Fighters by eating at your favorite local restaurants.

What is Compass Restaurant Week?

Compass restaurant Week brings together the community to support our Police Officers and Firefighters.

A percentage of sales will be donated to the Compass Program as they support our city’s finest through mental and physical wellness through fostering optimal health, humanity, and performance.

Restaurant Week Schedule

  • Sunday, March 3
    Backyard Pizza Brunch/Peddler
  • Monday, March 4
    Buddy’s All-American BBQ
  • Tuesday, March 5
    Market Day – Butter It Up / Fuel Counter / Austin’s / Taqueria ’84
  • Wednesday, March 6
    Jim’s Steak and Spaghetti House
  • Thursday, March 7
    La Famiglia
  • Friday, March 8
    SIP Downtown Brasserie
  • Saturday, March 9th
    Jewel City Seafood
  • Sunday, March 10
    Rio Grande – 5th Ave.
  • Monday, March 11
  • Tuesday, March 12
    Cam’s Ham

Thank you to these great restaurants for participating in the Compass Restaurant Week.

Providing the mental and physical tools our first responders need.

Compass Huntington is a program designed to provide our first responders with tools they need to process the effects of on the job stress.

Our innovative program helps improve their ability to deal with high-stress situations and strengthen their overall resiliency.

    How the Compass Program supports our local first responders.

    Wellness Coaching

    Compass’ physical and mental wellness coaches provide support for first responders while helping them build their overall health, humanitarian and performance.

    Compass Center

    A comprehensive wellness space that includes a top of the line gym, lounge, sauna, meditation room, yoga studio, and nutritional teaching kitchen.

    Training & Activities

    From wellness trainings to individual and family activities, We provide first responders with resources to promote individual and family wellness.

    Policy & Advocacy

    As an advocate for first responders outside of each department, Compass advocates for policies to promote overall health and wellness.


    Compass regularly communicates with its first responders, their families, and the general public to ensure the overall success and growth of the program.


    Compass Huntington is committed to replicating and guiding the creation of the Compass program to support first responders in other municipalities.

    Data & Research

    Compass gathers real survey data to determine ways to improve the program and promote policies for the health and wellness of first responders.

    Other ways to support first responders through Compass:

    There are numerous ways to contribute to the health and wellness of city’s first responders. These include:

      Donating financially to Compass Huntington

      Providing health and wellness resources specifically designed for first responders

      Make professional services available to our local first responders

      If you’re interested in supporting Compass, but you aren’t sure where to start, contact us today to learn more ways to help.