Data and Research

Compass administers a yearly survey designed to measure overall wellness of first responders and the impact Compass has on the mental and physical health of first responders. Additionally, Compass uses focus groups comprised of both fire and police departments to get feedback. Focus groups are also used to sense the pulse of both departments as well as any tension points. The data collected is essential to developing new programming ideas and ways to help first responders.

Compass By The Numbers


of the total workforce (police and fire) regularly utilize Compass services

coach interactions are facilitated annually through Compass


of the total workforce have had meaningful engagement (15 minutes or more) with a Compass Coach within the past quarter

appointments have been scheduled within the past quarter with our coaches.


is the average activity attendance with family members.


of the total workforce completed the most recent wave of the voluntary Compass survey

police and fire recruits have undergone extensive mental and physical fitness training through Compass within the past year