Wellness Coaching

Compass Huntington is a program designed to provide our police officers and fire fighters with tools they need to process the effects of on the job stress.

Our innovative program in Huntington, WV helps improve ability to deal with high-stress situations and strengthen overall resiliency.

What does Amy H do?

  • Provides Goal-based and Job-Specific Personalized Workouts
  • Leads Group Training Workout Programs
  • Assists in Stretching/Mobility Programs
  • Provides At-Home and Vacation Workout Plans
  • Offers Mobility Assessment Checks
  • Administers Body Composition Measurements
  • Provides Nutrition and Meal Plan Consultations


What does Amy J do?

  • ​Provides evidence-based practices and strategies that build mental health and resiliency, proactively.
  • Helps recognize and challenge negative thought patterns
  • Serves as a confidential link to vetted mental psychotherapy and integrative medicine health practitioners
  • Provides Critical Incident Stress Debriefings of individual and/or groups
  • ​Provides department-wide mental health “check-ins” to destigmatize and normalize caring for our overall mental health