Responding to the needs of our first responders

Local Providers

Jason Ashworth, PA

Valley Health, East Huntington Location 

Call 304-399-3310 and select the Medical option, Ask for Whitney Adkins or Teresa Christain

You will be scheduled with Jason Ashworth ASAP

Hotlines & Resources



24/7 crisis hotline staffed by first responders.

Fire/EMS Helpline

A confidential helpline for members of US law enforcement.


Law enforcement only. Run by frontline responder services. Offer 24/7 coverage with first responder call-takers.

Frontline Helpline

The code green campaign also maintains a database of first responder friendly mental health resources.

Facebook Groups

A shoulder for emergency services

EMS support group by tales from the boo boo bus

Ontario’s first responder PTSD support group

Project siren

Project hope; EMS and PTSD

The star of life initiative

Under the lid

911 help site

Online Support


Website/app – utilizes both trained listeners and licensed therapists and counselors to provide services. 


Website/app – offers online counseling with licensed mental health professionals. Not first responder specific, but they try to match you with a counselor who meets your needs.


App (android only) – intellicare is a suite of apps that work together to target common causes of depression and anxiety.


• Website that rates a large number of mental health apps. Also contains lists of apps designed for specific conditions and apps that follow a specific treatment modality.

PTSD Coach

Website/app – Provides information about diagnosing and treating PTSD.

Talk Space

Website – offers online therapy with licensed mental health providers. Intake counselor will match you with an appropriate therapist.

Firefighter Wife

Resources for the firefighter’s wife.

Community Discounts

Acupuncture Medicine Discounts.

Dr. Skip Hart, O.M.D and with J. Forsyth use ‘Acupuncture Medicine’ for issues ranging from PTSD, headaches, joint and muscle pain, depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia and more.

EAP/Insurance Information

St. Mary’s EAP

When things get tough, St. Mary’s EAP can provide assistance and guidance, and help you solve the difficult problems that might be keeping you from enjoying the most important things in your life.

Families Motivating Recovery Groups

Free support groups in Huntington where community members can receive support and learn effective ways to communicate with their loves ones who are struggling with substance abuse.

Highmark Fitness Your Way

Fitness Your Way allows you to join a network of fitness facilities for a discounted rate, so you can work out anywhere when it’s convenient for you — at a cost that doesn’t stretch your budget.