Wellness Wednesday | Helping Others | 11 – 4 – 20 |

#wellnessWednesday This time of year is always a little more hectic with all of the holidays. One of the best ways to ease some of that stress is to shift our focus onto others. We can do that by volunteering, and helping other people in need. — Physically and emotionally, volunteering helps lower stress and blood pressure especially with older adults. The mental benefits of helping others include decreasing loneliness by being part of a social circle. Helping others is contagious as well. Generally, when people see someone helping, they want to help as well. So many people around this time of the year can use our time and kindness. Not only are you able to help someone, but there are health benefits from all of this. Reach out if you’d like any ideas on how you can be helpful to someone this season.