Wellness Wednesday | Importance of Mindfulness | 9| 23 | 2020

Everyday, our minds are being shaped by what’s around us, whether we like it or not Not knowing what’s affecting our minds can lead to distractibility, loneliness, negative self talk, and and overall negative internal dialogue  Distractibility, loneliness, and a loss of meaning of purpose.          Luckily, because of neuroplasticity, there are ways we can shift the focus and improve mindfulness.  — The 4 Ways to Be Mindful  1.Awareness. Learning how to focus on what’s going on around us and in our mind. 2. Connection – compassion, kindness, appreciation all build our connection which leads to a happier life. 3.  Insight: How do we speak to ourselves? Every moment of the day isn’t realistically going to be positive self talk, but being aware of that and paying attention to how you’re speaking to yourself can help shift into a more positive insight.   4. Purpose: This is about being more mindful in the moment.   Being calm and not stuck in the habits of negative self talk, help build a sense of purpose.  – Thoughts, actions, habits are all part of the chain of command that affect us everyday For more information: CompassHuntington.comhttps://youtu.be/A_Guq77FuS8